Squad GK Shorts M

150 DKK

Målmandshorts i funktionelt materiale med fremragende fugttransport og effektiv regulering af kropstemperatur for maksimal ydelse. God stretch for optimal pasform og bevægelsesfrihed. Snøre i taljen. Klassisk, et-farvet design. Passer perfekt til Progress GK Jersey og Squad GK Jersey.

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We are a product of sweat and pain, of wind and rain, of falling and rising, and the euphoria experienced when pushing endurance limits. Whether at the Olympics or at home, in the woods or in the streets, we always aim for optimal performance. Just like you, our functional sportswear is raised to race.

At Craft we're dead serious about sports clothing and passionate about every detail that helps you get the most out of your sport. This is why performance is at the heart of the Craft brand. Ever since 1973, when Swedish inventor Anders Bengtsson went out for a run in the very first set of Craft underwear, we have kept people dry and at optimal body temperature in all weather conditions.

We truly love and live our sports. Almost every day a group of Craft employees can be seen leaving the office for a 5-10 kilometers run, a bike-tour or, when the weather permits, cross country skiing the to test our latest equipment. We also work for and learn from some of the best athletes around the globe in our strive for excellence. For us at Craft, life is sweat and we intend to control it.